How To Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire During The Dry Season

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How To Prevent Your Car From Catching Fire During The Dry Season FB4IHGYG-HOW-TO-PREVENT-YOUR-CAR-FROM-CATCHING-FIRE-DURING-THE-DRY-SEASON-75344

Experts say that the lack of proper and regular maintenance of cars makes them prone to catching fire during the summer season. In some countries, at least 10 cars have caught fire during the summer season. This is why it is advisable to make sure that the vehicle you purchase is roadworthy so it would not catch fire.

Causes Of Car Fire

Research has stated that 75% of cars that have caught fire were caused by lack of proper vehicle maintenance, electrical failure or malfunctions, and poor maintenance. Sometimes, the heat from the sun during summer is the least of the concern. Most times, it happens just by putting something flammable while the car is parked under the hot sun because the item could reach a flammable condition and make the car burst into flames.

Car fires start from the engine and go slowly to the body of the car. This gives enough room for the passengers and drivers to exit before it bursts out into flames and causes serious damage. This is why it is advisable to have a fire extinguisher available such as a powder fire extinguisher that you would just have to pull the pin and aim for where the fire is and then squeeze the lever to put off the fire.

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Safety Measures For A Burning Car

  • 1. The first thing to do when you see your car is burning is to stay calm. If you are driving on the road when such happens, just put out a hazard light so other vehicles coming behind would know there is a problem and know how to avoid coming too close to your car.

  • 2. The next thing to do is to switch off the engine. Since most fires begin from the engine, it is advisable to switch off the engine immediately to stop it from running and to stop the fire from spreading to any other body parts of the car.

  • 3. Evacuate the car and look for help if you have no fire extinguisher available. If you are lucky enough, you may be beside a filling station that has sand bucket that can also serve as a useful item to help put off the fire. Also, if you see shops around, ask for fire extinguisher to quickly put off the fire before calling for a mechanic.

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  • 4. Stand at a far distance once you have put off the fire. Sometimes, the fire may still erupt and in full force. So it is safe to move a distance of 1.5 meter away from the fire to avoid any casualty.

  • 5. Do not open the bonnet at all. Opening the bonnet will cause a lot of damage because the fire will grow bigger. Instead, just release the safety hatch if there is any on your vehicle.

Preventive Methods From Having A Burning Car

  1. Car fire can be caused by loose oil lid, a spark from an over-heated battery or a leaking fuel: This is why it is important to ensure you check every little details of your car. Check if the engine is functioning well and properly. Also check if the fuel pump is not loose or leaking. This would help prevent a car from burning during summer season.
  2. Do not store things that can easily explode when the car gets hot: It is very important to not leave things such as empty car drinks or spray cans in the car during summer season because the car can get really hot and all these materials will just end up increasing the chances of the car flaming up.
  3. Stop any form of smoking: Smoking in the car during summer season is extremely dangerous because the ashes from a lit cigarette could burn the materials inside your vehicle and make it catch fire.
  4. Use original car parts: Most particularly for the engine. The engine is a major part of a car and if a fake is used, it could cause serious damage to the car, such as the risk of it burning up. Always ensure you get good engine to replace your Ex-engine so the engine does not burn up when the weather is really hot.
  5. Keep all essential fluids in check: It is very important to keep anything that needs fluid in check. When the fluid dries up, it can overheat and cause the car to flame out. This can happen even faster when the sun is really hot. Ensure that there is brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and engine coolant in our car. They all play a very important role in ensuring the car is well lubricated and would prevent any form of fire that could be caused by friction or overheating of the car component.

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